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Abstraction November 22, 2011

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This pattern design evolved from many different motifs I had – The main shape is actually the outline of a tree trunk from the past project and the background came from a motif I was working on that was based off the patterns in leaf veins.


Urban Renewal

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This project was focused around a newspaper article or world news – I chose a TED talk by Majora Carter to be my inspiration. If you haven’t heard about her – go google it now and you will love listening to her lecture! She focuses on urban renewal – specifically in the Bronx – her stories are amazing and what she is trying to do for the people of the Bronx is very inspirational! So I wanted my design to reflect a sense of urban renewal – through elements of time and growth. The chair on the right is my design called time!



Woven Folklore

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Fruit of the Labor

For another fibers project – we had to combine two themes -my themes were woven and folklore. This fabric was inspired for my studio project – which was a doctor’s office, emphasizing wellness and health – hence this outline of a pomegranate – part of my design concept for wellness!


This is also part of the same project – called Growth. For this pattern, I decided to dive deeper into my design concept of pomegranates and used the seeds of a pomegranate as inspiration! In full scale, this design will be a large-scale stripe!

Woven Times

This image is mixed media that finishes out the project – I scanned in images of ripped newspaper that had been overlapping and then played with it in photoshop. It represents the idea of folklore through its use of narrative from the new york times!


New Adventures!

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My first project in a fibers class – half-drop repeat wallpaper design!




This is the wallpaper border that matches – I wanted it to have a lack of color but similar line weight and line stroke!


Things I have seen lately…. June 26, 2011

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So sorry I disappeared for a while. Grad school became my life and there has been a lack of sleep and time in the day and lots of work. hard work.


So now that I have finished my first year of graduate school and am on my way back from NYC, where I took a 2 week interior design course – I have some

things to show you – only my favorite things that I saw in the city.


Breakfast at Tiffany's


Fav. moment of the trip possibly.


leather bear from Edelman leather



So cute.

so good. chocolate cake and a cinnamon gelato milkshake



speaking of food.

macaroni and cheese bar.



the city at night.



museum period rooms



Swavroski crystals.



corian showroom






view of central park



Hopefully, I will get out of this airport soon and get to Charleston – ohh the stress.


BBA revisited September 10, 2010

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Okay so here are some breads I never blogged about…

First up – French bread – yes….you heard me. I baked LEGIT French bread – hearth oven process and all

Here are some pics

So all in all I enjoyed baking this bread – it was very similar to french breads you can buy at grocery stores – yeast tasting and hearthy

I felt like a professional baking french bread and not buying it at a store – I was very pleased with the recipe and outcome!!

Let’s not forget the hearth baking process (which I have explained before) Steaming the oven with a spritzer and heating a pan up with boiling water before the bread is put into the oven – I always feel like I am going to burn my arm off b/c that oven is at 500 degrees haha – but so far I haven’t!


God’s Provision

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Thank the Lord that my mom is coming today – I think I would be a little upset if she wasn’t. My mom’s visit really comes at the perfect time – my roommate went out of town last minute and I am being swallowed up by the amount of stuff that still needs to be cleaned and put away. I think that the Lord really and truly knew that I would need this visit and when I would exactly need it. Amazing?? yes.

The Lord’s provision is just like that – His plan is always perfect. I think I need to keep reminding myself of that fact. God has also provided a contact at a local church – hoping that meeting up with a friend who goes to this church will provide opportunities for friendships

On the city life – haha – turns out living on a main street is VERY loud. ambulances. people fixing my roof and making my apt smell like asphalt. car horns. etc. I think I can get used to it though…Also, note to self. While running – avoid the ghetto. If running through the ghetto, one should pick up the pace a little. I learned that today…haha. From now on I think I will choose a different route or drive to a nearby park and run 😀

Anddd currently I am becoming re-addicted (if that’s a word) to Gilmore Girls. Already on the second cd of season 6 and I CANT STOP WATCHING IT.